Olivamine 10®

Physicians from around the world select Olivamine-based products to heal patients that suffer from skin breakdown and a myriad of diseases. It is more than a physician’s first choice; it is often their only choice.

The remarkable healing power of Olivamine 10® is unparalleled. Its fusion of tiny molecules heals when nothing else can. Olivamine 10®’s uniqueness has been validated with a patent in wound healing. Within the patent we were able to prove that Olivamine 10® heals 50% faster than without Olivamine 10®.

Olivamine 10®’s ability to heal damaged cells back to health is not a marketing claim; the claim is validated by the scientific research that has been reported in scientific peer-reviewed journals and supported by more than 2 million dollars in grants to major institutes and universities.

The patented ingredients found in Olivamine 10® continue to undergo research that far exceeds most people’s expectations. Our team of scientist has evaluated the ingredients using the entire human genome. They have already identified more than 6,000 genes that Olivamine 10® favorably up regulates or down regulates. This expansion of genomic knowledge is the basis of two additional patents pending in the field of diseases associated with free radical damage.

Genetic science has allowed us to trace the exact activity of each of the molecules and then to precisely fuse them into what is, in our opinion, the most advanced cellular healing composite available. Is Olivamine 10® the “fountain of youth” for cells? Scientifically, it is. The scientific team has researched and published its finding proving that Olivamine 10® extends the life of cells by 20%. Imagine the possibilities.

Olivamine 10® heals when nothing else can.